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Best Impression CV Writing Service
Asking the right questions and understanding your current job, your career aspirations, the job you apply for and market understanding and above all our experience make us an expert in writing your CV

2 Pages CV Writing Service with up-to 60 Minutes of consultation

This is our most popular CV writing service. This comprises of up to 60 minutes an in-depth tele/video conference consultation with your domain expert CV writer that enables us to take a fresh approach in the light of your past / current job, your career trajectory, your career aspirations and achievements combined with our industry knowledge and experience. The outcome is a strong, rich, and powerful achievements focused CV that will engage the reader - potential employers, recruiters and hiring managers. Upon receipt of your current CV and your input on job description of the types of roles you will be applying for – we’ll arrange for your telephone/Skype consultation.
Best Impression CV
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Investing in a professionally written CV is investing in your career
Our experience and industry knowledge suggest that the crucial information the hiring team and recruiters look for are not very often found on your current CV. A consultation with a domain expert CV Writer is the effective way to gain insight and improve the content of your best impression CV.
You will work with a domain expert CV Writing Consultant who will ask the right questions in the light of your current job, career aspirations, the job you are applying for, and the market you are targeting to get into. Combined with the knowledge, experience the CV writing consultant is also an expert wordsmith. The consultant’s brief taking session is the key to write the effective best impression CV.
We strive to complete the CV within 3 to 5 working days from the date of completing the brief taking / consultation session. The CV will be emailed to you in word and pdf format.
Our experience in recruitment and staffing suggests that your CV has less than 20 seconds to work its magical power of captivating the reader. The best impression 2 pages CV provide sufficient detail to stimulate the appetite of the reader and leave them craving more… stand a chance now!
The sourcing of candidates by the staffing industries and employer is done through varieties of tools through the use of various techniques such as Boolean Search and auto match options to reach out to the active and passive job seekers. We use a proven ATS friendly and Boolean search friendly CV format to give your CV an edge over others in the search results and optimized to pass through applicant tracking systems and job boards sifting techniques.
Our Service Promise
You can buy with confidence. Helping you get your new job is our ambition and we’re 100% committed to your success. All our CV writing services will significantly improve your chances of getting the interviews you deserve. The vast majority of our customers are happy with our products first time itself but if you require any changes you can liaise with your CV writer to make as many amendments as you need for the next two weeks after delivery. It’s yet another reason you’ve chosen Talent Leaders CV writing service. Write to us on to find out how we can help you.
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